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Our Purpose

PurposePoint, established in 2018 as a community of speakers, authors, consultants, and thought leaders, has garnered a reputation for curating exceptional events and experiences that inspire and transform. One of our flagship events, The Purpose Summit, brings together hundreds of leaders from across the globe each year. Since our inception, we have been committed to creating platforms that connect individuals and organizations with their purpose.


We host a variety of events, or what we call "Purpose Points," opportunities for people, teams, and leaders, to reconnect with their purpose individually and organizationally. We are known for The Purpose Summit, which each year brings hundreds of leaders and companies from a round the world together for three impactful days at a unique location, which in 2023 will be held once again at The University of Notre Dame.



Join our community of purpose-driven leaders! PurposePoint is proud to announce the launch of its latest initiative aimed at providing fresh and relevant content to its Community Members. This new content includes exclusive access to some of the most renowned authors, speakers, and thought leaders across various industries, who will share their latest insights and best practices in the areas of leadership, culture, and purpose.



At PurposePoint, we provide a range of options to help your organization grow and improve. From customized training modules to engaging workshops and personalized 1-1 coaching sessions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to transform your organization. Whether you're looking to build a more cohesive team, improve leadership skills, or enhance organizational culture, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your organization's true purpose.


Its Your Story!

Start your journey to creating engaging, inspiring, and impactful experiences with PurposePoint.


PurposePoint specializes in helping organizations identify and engage with their purpose. Collaborating with your team, PurposePoint will help you identify your organization's fundamental mission, vision, and values.


At the heart of any successful experience is the ability to create a lasting impression that inspires organizations and their people to lead impact.


PurposePoint is dedicated to helping your organization make a meaningful impact. Whether you're seeking to enhance your leadership, improve your culture, or tackle a particular issue, we'll provide the guidance and support you need to lead with impact.

About PurposePoint

Our Mission is to Engage Purpose, to Inspire People, and to Impact the World.

Founded in 2018 as a fellowship of speakers, authors, and thought-leaders, PurposePoint has become known as the creator of inspiring events and transformative experiences, such as The Purpose Summit, which brings hundreds of leaders together from around the world each year. From global summits, to organizational conferences, to destination leadership retreats, each experience is designed to help leaders engage purpose, inspire people, and impact the world.

PurposePoint delivers a tactical blueprint for how to unleash the full potential of talent in yourself and others.
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Our Purpose:

"Helping People Fulfill Their Purpose in Business and in Life."

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Purpose Summit 2023

The Purpose Summit is the catalyst experience for business leaders who are committed to transforming their culture, developing leaders, and joining the Business as a Force for Good movement.