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Our Purpose

Founded in 2018 as a fellowship of speakers and authors, PurposePoint has become known as a global community of purpose leaders, and the creator of inspiring events and impactful experiences, such as The Purpose Summit, which brings hundreds of business leaders and thought leaders together from around the world each year. Our mission is to help leaders engage purpose, inspire people, and positively impact the world, together.


We host a variety of events, or what we call "Purpose Points," opportunities for people, teams, and leaders, to reconnect with their purpose individually and organizationally. We are known for The Purpose Summit, which each year brings hundreds of leaders and companies from around the world together for three impactful days at a unique location, which in 2024 will be held in Charlotte, NC.



Through our community of authors, thought-leaders and coaches, PurposePoint has curated a unique offering of programs to help both individuals and organizations translate inspiration into action and impact, so that they can live and lead with purpose every day.



We are grateful for our growing network of world-class partners like, Speakrbrand, Amplify Publishing, Heartcount, Blanchard, Franklin Covey, Wiley, and many other incredible organizations who work collaboratively to engage, inspire, and impact others together.


Your Purpose!

Start your journey to creating engaging, inspiring, and impactful experiences with PurposePoint.


PurposePoint specializes in helping organizations identify and engage with their purpose. Collaborating with your team, PurposePoint will help you amplify your organization's fundamental mission, vision, and values.


At the heart of any successful experience is the ability to create a lasting impression that inspires organizations and their people to lead impact.


PurposePoint is dedicated to helping your organization make a meaningful impact. Whether you're seeking to enhance your leadership, improve your culture, or tackle a particular issue, we'll provide the guidance and support you need to lead with impact.

Join us at our global gathering of purpose leaders.