Organizational Development Programs

Through our community of authors, thought-leaders and coaches, PurposePoint has curated a unique offering of programs to help both individuals and organizations translate inspiration into action and impact, so that they can live and lead with purpose every day.


Infuse Joy into Your Team with Robin Shear

  • The length of this unique joy and fulfillment focused corporate culture program with Robin Shear can be specifically customized for your needs.

  • Unlock the secrets to elevating employee satisfaction and engagement with the bestselling author of "Messy Joy".

  • Empower your team to thrive in an environment where they are valued as whole people, decreasing turnover and increasing productivity and satisfaction.

  • Infuse your workplace with positivity and purpose by choosing from our diverse menu of team-unifying offerings.


Restoring Vitality in The Workplace: A Tailored Wellness Journey with Kate Mayer

  • Collaborate with an experienced wellness consultant to address the unique concerns of your team members, such as energy management and optimizing sleep.

  • Embed whole-person wellness deeply into your culture through monthly workshops on topics that your team members request via anonymous pre-engagement surveys.

  • Foster team members' resilience against chronic diseases through transformative, individual health coaching that helps them overcome their unique barriers to adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Elevate the wellness conversation through team nutrition and movement challenges such as "Upgrade Your Lunch, Upgrade Your Day".

  • Cultivate individual resilience and team building through exploring and engaging in volunteer opportunities in the community that raise the mental health of everyone involved.


Leadership Mastery: Transforming Managers into Visionary Leaders with Coryne Forest

  • Empower your organization's managers to become extraordinary leaders with a fully customized leadership development program.

  • Tailored to address your specific business challenges, our program crafts a personalized learning journey for your business.

  • Drawing from a comprehensive toolkit of leadership workshops, assessments, and both group and individual coaching sessions, we guide your managers through a transformational process.

  • Develop your managers into visionary leaders, adept at establishing, nurturing, and revitalizing relationships within their teams. Equipped with the skills to lead your business into the future, they'll drive progress, foster innovation, and inspire excellence at every turn.

  • Elevate your leadership team from managing to leading.


Identifying & Aligning Individual & Organizational Purpose with Davin Salvagno

  • A customized 2-4 hour leadership program for organizations by Davin Salvagno. Based on his bestselling book “Finding Purpose at Work”.

  • Leaders will learn how to identify and align individual and organizational purpose to experience more meaning and fulfillment in their work.

  • Leaders will understand the importance and the relationship between purpose, potential, experience, value, and impact.

  • Leaders will learn how to ask more meaningful questions and understand the difference between the what, why, and who.


Power of Purpose Company Clinic with Tim Kelley

  • A four-hour workshop for your leadership team led by Tim Kelley, bestselling author of “True Purpose”.

  • If your company doesn’t have a purpose, learn how to get one. You may already have one hiding in plain sight.

  • If you have one, learn how to test it. Does it create the drive and motivation your company needs?

  • Learn the best practices for getting the most out of your company purpose and experience a greater impact.


Develop a High Performing and Purpose-Focused Culture with Chris Steely

  • A 30-day Culture Development Program with up to three high level organizational development experts who will work with you to identify and implement customized strategies to your meet business needs.

  • Increase your leadership team effectiveness, build high performing teams, engage your employees at a higher level, and develop a better culture.

  • Better position your organization for enhanced results and grow and mature your leaders along the way.

  • Experience a realistic, quantifiable shift in the positive orientation of your business and its empowered, more productive culture.

  • Develop a plan to maintain and advance your renewed cultural initiatives, sustaining your optimal culture into the future.