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PurposePoint Speakers

Davin Salvagno

Founder of PurposePoint,

Kurt David

Co-Founder PurposePoint, Author,
Emmy Award Winner

Paul Epstein

Chief Impact Officer of PurposePoint,
Bestselling Author

Dr. Amber Selking

Founder, Selking Performance Group,

April Hansen

Group President, Workforce Solutions,
Aya Healthcare

Garry Ridge

Author, Chairman & CEO,
WD40 Company

Chester Elton

Bestselling Author,
Gratitude Keynote Speaker

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Most Popular Keynotes

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The Power of Purpose

Purpose, People, Potential, and Performance. This keynote discusses the impact of each of these critical words individually and organizationally, and how to use them effectively to drive growth and impact.


The Power of Playing Offense

Playing Offense transforms managers into leaders, dreamers into doers and defensive decisions into offensive power plays. But first, it’s about becoming the kind of leader you would be inspired to follow. It’s about finding yourWhy, and the thrilling feeling of being alive that comes from taking action and embracing the journey.


The Most Important Questions

What questions must leaders ask to in order to deliver maximum impact? This keynote discusses the most important questions organizations must ask themselves to engage their people, drive performance, and deliver on their purpose,


Talent Currency shift

In 2018 the currency of the workforce changed, and years later, organizations are still trying to adjust to connect with the next generation of talent in the marketplace. This keynote discusses how the currency of work has changed, and what organizations can do to individually connect with the different generations of talent in their workforce.

“The greatest measure of purpose is who we help others become" 
- Davin Salvagno

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How is PurposePoint Different?

  • We host and manage events ourselves (i.e. The Purpose Summit) so our ability to walk alongside an event planner and see things from their lens is seamless, collaborative, and authentic.  We’ve been in the same trenches, understand the challenges, come prepared with solutions, and obsess about delivering the goals and outcomes to make your event an 11 out of 10.

  • Gone are the days of events that are a ‘sugar high’, IN are the days of transformation. We’ve all experienced the first (inspiration on-site, little action to follow). We guarantee a roadmap of impact that extends months (if not years) beyond the event date.  Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, your keynote is simply the kickoff to the journey.

  • We believe in an event through-line. Rather than focus on booking one speaker at a time (opening keynote, closing keynote, etc.), why not have one single partner to provide the right holistic lineup from start to finish? We are that partner, and our speaking roster (plus dozens in our network) will ensure synergy from speech to speech, leaving your audience raving for more.

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