Individual Coaching Programs

Through our community of authors, thought-leaders and coaches, PurposePoint has curated a unique offering of programs to help both individuals and organizations translate inspiration into action and impact, so that they can live and lead with purpose every day.


Inside-Out Performance: Helping professional women get the results they want in their life without stress or drama.

  • This 8-session coaching package will transform your frenzied existence into a balanced life perfect for you by addressing the four pillars: relationships, parenting, career, and self-care.

  • Whatever your current season of life, you will learn how to manage your time, improve your relationships and reduce your stress, allowing you to be the calm, confident woman you were meant to be.

  • You’ll overcome obstacles as you plan out the action steps and create the habits to focus on what matters to YOU, knowing that you are resilient to whatever life may throw your way.


Man-Up: Lead with purpose, honor your promises, own your potential.

  • Elevate Your Influence: Whether at home or in the workplace, it’s essential to refine your leadership and relational skills. Develop your soft-skills to communicate with more effectiveness, forge stronger connections with others, and inspire the full potential of those under your guidance.

  • Be a man of your word: Build your confidence and integrity as you access a range of tools and tactics that will empower you to keep your promises.

  • Live a Life of Significance: Find fulfillment and renewal by harmonizing your time and actions with your values, priorities, and passions as you craft a legacy that motivates and uplifts others.


The Pursuit of Purpose: Helping you live a faith-fueled life.

  • Recenter your focus as you integrate your faith into your personal and professional endeavors, dive deeper into your values and uncover your mission in life.

  • Make everyday matter by learning to live each day with purpose and mindfulness, making conscious choices that align with your values and goals.

  • Transform your journey as you develop a strategic, personalized action plan that will incorporate mindful steps to foster positive results.


From Surviving to Thriving: Journeying toward better health…together.

  • Unlock your vitality in this 12-week health transformation by setting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational goals that matter to you!

  • Collaborate with a compassionate coach who listens deeply as you chart a course together to navigate the individual challenges of complex diseases and situations.

  • Enhance your resilience against chronic diseases or reduce their effects by adopting healthy habits in a way that actually increases your joy!


A Quick Hit of Joy: From flatlined living to fun and fulfillment.

  • This 4-session joy coaching package will transform your burned-out existence to a life rich in optimism and progress by addressing any of 10 different areas of your life that are low on the joy scale.

  • We’ll celebrate as your tank that formerly ran on fumes overflows with possibility and purpose, shifting you into drive like never before.

  • You’ll overcome feeling invisible as you finally give yourself permission to focus on what matters to YOU – without guilt – knowing your newfound effervescence for life will be shared with everyone in your path.