PurposePoint Story

In 2018, PurposePoint was founded upon a simple thought - what if there were an entity that could help organizations engage their original purpose for going into business, help inspire their people around that purpose and their contributions to it, and help them make the impact in this world that they had envisioned.

PurposePoint founder, Davin Salvagno delivers a talk entitled “PurposePoint” to leaders at a Fortune 50 company.
Davin unofficially starts PurposePoint consulting organizations about the power of purpose.
The "Power of Purpose" keynote is delivered to organizations across the country.
Davin meets Kurt David in a C12 Group meeting, and later that year, the two join forces to officially start PurposePoint as a speaking and consulting organization.

Every organization starts with a purpose, they invite people to join them in that purpose and start putting processes in place to support those people. They then start to measure performance and hopefully realize a profit. But all too often they get so caught up in process, performance, and profit, that they forget the purpose for which they started.

Davin Salvagno, Co-Founder, PurposePoint

Davin & Kurt gather like-minded speakers, thought leaders, and business leaders from around the country to Detroit for the first Purpose Summit.

We created The Purpose Summit for people from all walks of life and industries, in order to help reignite the passion and purpose we all seek in our individual and organizational lives.

Kurt David, Co-Founder, PurposePoint

PurposePoint grows into and organizational development company, and expands its services to include speaking, consulting, coaching, and training.
PurposePoint holds the second Purpose Summit in Mt Clemens Michigan, and opens its first brick and mortar office in Rochester, Michigan.
The Purpose Summit gathers hundreds of leaders from around the world at the University of Notre Dame in 2022 and 2023.
The Purpose Summit holds its 5th Anniversary in Charlotte, NC.

Our Vision

A world where organizations steward their people to be engaged and inspired, every day, to make a purposeful impact at work and at home.

The Values That Drive Everything We Do

Collaboration Over Competition

We believe in sharpening each other as iron sharpens iron. We work collaboratively to make a greater impact together and spur others on to win the race set out before them.

Others Over Self

We do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility we consider others better than ourselves. We each look not to our own interests, but to the interests of others.

Significance Over Success

More important than what we say or do is the impact we have on those we serve. The true measure of our success is who we help others become.

Transformation Over Transaction

We create transformational experiences, not transactional moments. We are focused on positively impacting our clients and audiences, and not on selling ourselves.