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Constructed as a hybrid group and individual experience, bring your leadership team through a purpose-centered program that will transform
managers into leaders, while building an inspirational culture.

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Executive Workshops

We will partner with your organization to help you strengthen the performance of your key leaders, assist them in making critical decisions, and altering behaviors that may be hindering their performance.

Integrated Coaching Workshops

We embed coaching sessions into our leadership development programs to reinforce lessons learned in workshops.  That way, the learning is made personal which ensures that key leadership concepts are retained and integrated into everyday leadership practice.

Team Workshops

From the C-suite to front-line teams, we will work with your organization to build trust and alignment to improve communication, accountability, and performance at every level.

Management Essentials Workshops

The Fundamental Skills for Every Manager gives managers the necessary tools and training to become leaders who create engaged, productive teams and drive greater results for your organization.

Solving Crucial Problems


Employee Turnover

9-32% of employee turnover in the US can be avoided through better leadership skills.

Only 30%

Employee Engagement

Only 30% of US employees are engaged at work and managers account for 70% of the variance.


Poor Management

58% of employees say poor management is the biggest thing getting in the way of productivity.


Poor Leadership

Poor leadership costs the typical organization as much as 7% of their total annual sales.

Training Partners

The KenBlanchard Companies

In partnership with the Ken Blanchard Companies we provide and facilitate some of the top management and leadership programs in the world.

Everything DiSC

A personal development learning experience that measures preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model.

The Five Behaviors

The Five Behaviors provides impactful experiences that help people, teams, and organizations achieve new levels of effective collaboration and teamwork.


The world leader in helping organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior, often the most difficult challenge any organization faces

Korn Ferry

Turning insight into action to solve your business challenges. Korn Ferry Provides leadership development assessments and training.

Myers Briggs

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, knowledge of personality type and how it is used to make people more effective are used by many organizations, large and small throughout the world.

“When the rate of change outside an organization exceeds the rate of change within an organization, the end is near.”
- Jack Welch

What Our Partners Say

"Core values of leadership"

PurposePoint helped Amazon understand the core values at the center of leadership such as Compassion, Character, and Trust.

Oumar Diagne
Sr. Manager, Amazon

“Invaluable insights”

PurposePoint provides invaluable insights, and a thorough plan, on how to do align personal and organizational success.

Jeremy Rootes
President, Houston Texans

“A tactical blueprint”

PurposePoint delivers a tactical blueprint for how to unleash the full potential of talent in yourself and others.

Gail Stoltze
EVP, Human Resources, AEG

Transform Your Team From Paycheck-Driven to Purpose-Driven